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fujiang electric bike 1000w






pure fix 01-19

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26 inch best electric mountain bike

mountain electric bike sales surrey pure fix

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foldable electric bike

Urban ladies foldable electric bike,with 36v 250w motor and 36v 9Ah lithium battery,can be folded within 30 s,when fully folded,it become very small and portable.

foldable electric bike

Only need 6 steps you can totally fold the ladies foldable electric bike to a small one,so you can put it into the trunk and have a convenient journey.

foldable electric bike

Upgrade LCD 880 display,show you important information such as battery capacity,current speed,distance,temperature,etc,help you have a better riding experience.

foldable electric bike

Put the battery into the frame,make the ladies foldable electric bike more fashion and urban,other than a traditional e bike.It will help protecting the battery from stolen and the water.

foldable electric bike

With the upgraded pedal assist sensor,it will more energy-saving and easy to ride your e citybike.

foldable electric bike

The high quality original Shimano 7 speed gears help you experience different speed,make your journey more funny.

foldable electric bike

We upgrade the seat tube to suit for more figures,all for your feel of riding.

foldable electric bike

The high performance reflector make your travel more safe when you are riding at night.

foldable electric bike

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